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  1. G8 Capital sells Harbor Bay properties to church Oct 26 2012
    The church bought the property for $8.1 million or about $116 per square foot from G8 Capital…
  2. Fox News: Renting to the Foreclosed Sep 27 2011
    Investors are buying foreclosed single-family homes and renting them out and they often rent them to families…
  3. The Wall Street Journal: Big Money Gets Into Landlord Game Aug 8 2011
    G8 Capital, a private-equity fund based in Ladera Ranch, Calif., has bought 3,000 homes across the country since 2008, mostly to flip them…
  4. Bank of America’s biggest foreclosure discount in Manatee County: 91 percent Oct 5 2010
    By Michael Braga Herald-Tribune Tuesday, October 5, 2010 Bank of America sold a 720-square-foot house at 3709 W. 18th Street in Bradenton in June for 91 percent less than the former owner, Rondi Lee G. […]
  5. G8 Capital on CNBC Mar 4 2009
    Interview on “Street Signs” with Evan Gentry, G8 Capital CEO and CNBC’s Erin Burnett
  6. Treasury’s TARP Pullback Energizes Bulk REO Sales Nov 26 2008
    A recent decision by the U.S. Treasury not to invest in purchasing assets from financial institutions via the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program has jump-started the market for bulk REO sales. […]
  7. Hedge Funds are Buying up Delinquent Mortgages Jul 30 2008
    Guess who holds your mortgage now? It’s your friendly neighborhood hedge fund.
  8. Investors Move In To Save Broken Mortgages May 1 2008
    Jared Lanning, struggling to pay a home loan on which he owed more than his house was worth, was thinking he might just let the lender take back the property.
  9. New Buyer of Distressed Loans Dec 11 2007
    Evan Gentry, co-founder and former chief executive of MoneyLine Lending Services Inc., has started a new firm, G8 Capital LLC, that buys distressed mortgage portfolios.

Press Release

G8 Capital » Press Release

    G8 Capital announced today that it has acquired a $15.5 million commercial loan in Tustin, California…
  2. G8 Capital Acquires $35 Million Commercial Loan Secured by an Office Property in Alexandria, VA Dec 9 2013
    G8 Capital announced that it has recently acquired a $35 million commercial loan and is on track to exceed $100 million in 2013…
  3. G8 Capital Appoints Banking and Commercial Lending Veteran as Director of Business Development Oct 22 2013
    G8 Capital is pleased to announce the appointment of Matt Rogers as Director of Business Development for G8 Capital. Matt is a veteran of the banking and finance industry with nearly 25 years’ experie. […]
  4. G8 Capital Acquires $35 Million in Distressed Commercial Loans and Properties in First Half of 2013 Jul 22 2013
    G8 Capital announced acquisition of $35 million in non-performing commercial loans and distressed commercial properties within the first half of 2013…
  5. G8 Capital Acquires $42 Million in Non-Performing Commercial Loans From National and Regional Banks Nov 13 2012
    G8 Capital announced today that it has acquired $42 million in non-performing commercial loans within the past 60 days…
  6. G8 Capital Acquires $6.2 Million Portfolio of Distressed Commercial Loans Nov 7 2011
    G8 Capital announced today that it has completed the acquisition of a $6.2 million portfolio of distressed commercial loans from a major U.S…
  7. G8 Capital Surpasses 3,000 Single-Family REO Acquisitions Since 2008 Sep 6 2011
    G8 Capital continues to be one of the most active buyers of bulk single-family REO portfolios from banks and government agencies…
  8. G8 Capital Hires New Acquisitions Lead & Increases Focus on Commercial Real Estate Assets Jun 20 2011
    G8 Capital, LLC is pleased to announce the appointment of Aaron Murray as Vice President, Acquisitions…
  9. G8 Capital Completes Two More Bulk REO Acquisitions Oct 8 2010
    G8 Capital announced today that it recently closed on two additional bulk REO portfolios. The nationwide portfolios consist of 497 properties…
  10. G8 Capital Acquires Portfolio of 19 Multi-Family Loans in South Florida Jul 26 2010
    G8 Capital announced today that it has acquired a loan portfolio of multi-family properties in South Florida…